Surreal Instagram Images

When I was in high school I was in love with surrealism. Now I'm totally open to any kind of art but sometimes I want…
Forbidden Apr 15, 2014

Home Trends: Facepots

Wow!!! I love flowers and I found an awesome facepots designed by GOOD. And on these pots you can see the faces of different people…
Forbidden Apr 14, 2014

Hot Or Not: Fake Food Jewellery

Do you like unique jewellery? So, I found an awesome from Japan made by Fake Food Hatanaka. They created a line of fashion accessories but…
Forbidden Apr 12, 2014

My 2 Year Buzziversary!

Days, weeks, months and years now. I’m here and I see how this time changed me. Today it’s unique day to me. I’m on Buzznet…
Forbidden Apr 11, 2014

Did you know?

Did you kow that in Washington ALL lollipops are banned?
2 new pics
Forbidden Apr 10, 2014

WARNING: Nobody Is Perfect!

Nobody is perfect. Unfortunately, young girl and boys dream od having a beautiful body. I know that it's not bad. But the obssesion is as…
Forbidden Apr 09, 2014
Did you know that...pic

Did you know that...

In Texas it is illegal for children to have unusual haircuts! - photo by Olivia Locher
Forbidden Apr 08, 2014

My Diary: Anorexia Is Not A Life, Anorexia Is Suffering

Anorexia is not a life. Anorexia is suffering. "She" isn't my friend and "she" destroys everything around me, everything what I'm able to make during…
Forbidden Apr 07, 2014


We are only humans.We have better and worse days. We must to try be strong and don't give up.
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Forbidden Apr 07, 2014

7th Annual Maudsley Parents Conference

On Friday in Cleveland will organized 7th Annual Maudsley Parents Conference about "The Current Role of FBT in Combating Eating Disorders" . All the time…
Forbidden Apr 06, 2014

Spring Fashion Trends: Shoe Bakery

Shoes Bakery makes the most appetizing custom cake theme heels on the planet. These shoes look like the best candy. I believe that many people…
Forbidden Apr 05, 2014

Hot Or Not: Dog Vogue!

Hey Buzzneters!!! Do you remember my old blog about wet dogs(here)? It was incredible photos by the animal photographer Sasha Gamand. Today I want to…
Forbidden Apr 04, 2014

The Sweetest Animals: Fluffy Cows!

I believe that animals are best friends and they are a real treasure. We know a lot of amazing animal species but some break our…
Forbidden Apr 01, 2014

Spring Fashion Trends: Beloved Shirts!!!

I think that thanks Buzznet I read more about fashion trends. I remember that I wasn't fan of it but right now I believe that…
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Forbidden Mar 31, 2014

BSTA #42 If I Won A Million Dollars!

I don't remember when the last time I take a part in the #BSTA and I know that it was a big mistake. I hope…
Forbidden Mar 29, 2014
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