Exclusive: Jason French "You Just Want My Money"

Have you heard about Jason French? If not, now you don't try to forget his name! I believe that he will explode in the next…
Forbidden Dec 16, 2014

And How Am I Supposed To Live?

nbsp; Life hurts. People hurt too. Maybe I'm naive but but I believe in every person. I want to trust you but I know that…
Forbidden Dec 13, 2014

Emerging Artist: Interview With Queen Of The Static Opera

I'm so honored to interview Queen Of The Static Opera. She is new emerging talent and a writer, singer, producer from Saint Paul, MN. Queen…
Forbidden Dec 09, 2014

Hot Or Not: Slug and Snail Headphones!

I love how creative are artists. But today I want to draw your attention to the fantastic Klara Pernicova and her wonderful headphones. They remind…
Forbidden Nov 30, 2014

The Malice Of Alice

Wow! I just dicovered an amazing project "The Malice Of Alice". This is a series of original images created by Kelly, talented photographer mom  and…
Forbidden Nov 26, 2014

Exclusive Interview: Sumo Cyco

Have you heard of the Canadian independent female fronted punk metal band from Cyco City? Yes, I think of Sumo Cyco! And I was so…
Forbidden Nov 24, 2014

My Diary: Polish Reality

Sometimes I think about the meaning of human existence. In the last century we have lost in pride. The desire to have become crucial. Rulers…
Forbidden Nov 23, 2014

Exclusive: Kellee Maize "The Remixes"

Have you heard that Kellee Maize released new album, called "The Remixes"?! It was in October, but you can't miss it. As you know, she…
Forbidden Nov 19, 2014

Hot Or Not: Christian Popsicles

Wow! I really don't know what I can write. I don't know what to think now. To be honest, I know that is very controversial…
Forbidden Nov 15, 2014

HOT OR NOT: Drugs For Your Cat

I'm surprised! Ok, I can't believe in it. Stark Raving Cat designed new gadget, called Catnip Joints. Yeah, drugs from cats made from catnip. You…
Forbidden Nov 13, 2014

My Mentor: Kerli

nbsp; "Little girl you're standing in front of a mirror Your best friend said that you are fat and ugly And now you're staring your own reflection with…
Forbidden Nov 13, 2014

Best Of November: Gnučči And Her "A.RAB"

New sounds are always amazing! And this real music is able to change everything. And now I want to present you one of the best…
Forbidden Nov 08, 2014
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